We offer a professional and bespoke solution to large corporate companies with a comprehensive immigration service. We obtain visas and permits in an efficient and timely manner and have the necessary legal and technical competency, as well as capacity to handle both complexity and large volumes.

Our service is all-inclusive, from identifying the category of visa best suited, through to the compiling of a fully compliant application for submission taking care of all administration. Where preferred we liaise directly with expatriates to compile the necessary documentation and will proactively keep you up to date every step of the way, including providing status updates for executive reporting.

We appreciated the business importance and personal impact of obtaining a legal and correctly categorised visa in the most administrative efficient and timely manner.

We have a well-established immigration team, with long-standing client relationships, assisting employers to obtain the correct visa for their specific needs and ensuring a hassle-free application process.


Corporate Visa
Corporate Visa
Intra-company Transfer Work Visa
Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa
Critical Skills Work Visa
General Work Visa
Visitors Visa Section 11(2)
Accompanying Child
Accompanying Child
Accompanying Spouse
Accompanying Spouse
Department of Home Affairs Corporate Account Registration
Department of Home Affairs Corporate Account Registration
Waivers & Applications for special dispensation & petitioning process
Waivers & Applications for special dispensation & petitioning process
Resolving Issues with Foreign Embassies
Resolving Issues with Foreign Embassies


Xpatweb’s unique immigration tracking system has been designed to manage and track assignees across the globe. This system is characterised by its versatility and the below key features –

  • Flexible to client needs
  • Central platform to monitor the visa process end-to-end
  • Provide a fully customisable reporting and dashboard function
  • Tracking of assignees across geographical areas
  • Document library to securely store all assignee documents


  • Opening of local bank account
  • International payroll
  • South African Reserve Bank applications
  • Superannuation and Social Security payments
  • Induction sessions with expatriates upon arrival
  • Tax planning and communication
  • Assignment cost calculator
  • Expatriate policy design
  • Low cost foreign exchange
  • Drafting of expatriate specific employment contracts
  • Candidate assessment and culture training
  • Relocation guide
  • Expatriate psychological services, cultural training, family psychological readiness etc.
  • Expatriate specific Financial Planning


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